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UNCW Hockey - Change The Game Performance

At Change The Game Performance they believe in providing a systematic approach to training. Their Team Systems include goal setting, testing, and specific programming throughout the season to ensure the UNCW Hockey Team is getting results.

Change the Game will test each player's squat, hinge, overhead press, vertical jump, and other tests to assess your readiness to train. The proper training will limit a player's risk of injury during the season while making one flexible and stronger.

With Physical Therapy, Change the Game believes in a comprehensive approach to rehab that doesn't involve taking time off! The goal of the PT doctors at Change the Game is to get injured players back on the ice as soon as possible. Suppose a player is injured during a game. In that case, he will be given a free consultation with a Change the Game PT doctor, and if Physical Therapy is needed - a plan moving forward will be discussed with the player and they have no issues with calling the player's parent to discuss their PT recommendation. Change the Game accepts all insurance.

Change the Game Performance Owner - Dr. Ryan Godfrey, PT, DPT,

Shelby H, CSCS Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the UNCW Hockey Team

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