The UNCW hockey team is a hard team to be on. You don’t join the UNCW hockey team – you earn the opportunity to be part of something special. The UNCW hockey team will demand a great deal from you regarding commitment, excellence, character, humility, accountability, respect, discipline, passion, and unity.

Not everyone is cut out for the challenge of playing for UNCW and living up to a Championship Culture because it requires a real investment from its members physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. We don’t accept just anyone to wear our jersey, we select people who are a great fit with our culture and who want to commit to being part of something special.

Being a member of our team should be highly valued and considered very special because of what we stand for. Being a member of UNCW hockey is not easy – it is a privilege for the few that accept the challenge – it is not for everyone. We look for the right people not always the best players.

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