UNCW Hockey Team Doctor / Physician

Dr. Rock Vomer

Dr. Rock Vomer, DO, DPT, CAQSM is a dual board-certified Family and Sports Medicine Physician and Doctor of Physical Therapy, treating patients at Avance Care in Wilmington, North Carolina at 3904 Oleander Dr, Wilmington, NC 28403.

The UNCW Hockey team is grateful that Dr. Rock has offered his services to the players. Whether a player needs to see a Physician for the common cold or get an X-ray due to a hockey injury, Dr. Rock and his staff will be happy to treat them at Avance Care.

A major benefit of the UNCW Hockey team having a Team Doctor comes into play when a player is injured during a game. Now, instead of being taken to the emergency room at the hospital or visiting an Urgent Care in the area, the player can get personalized care by seeing Dr. Rock on Monday. Dr. Rock in addition to caring for the injured player will also communicate with the player's parent(s) to discuss their child's health.

Throughout his career, Dr. Rock has had experience working with athletes at all levels of competition including recreational, high school, collegiate, and professional levels, and feels confident in helping athletes in the Wilmington community achieve their athletic goals. 

Dr. Rock Vomer - UNCW Team Doctor

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